Why Is Security Important for Your Device?

Smartphones are the best invention so far in the technology field.  Many people stick to the mobile phones when they learn there are ways to protect their privacy. However, people believe that security on phones is same as computers, but it’s not same. Hackers might take advantage when there’s lack of security on your gadgets.

Anyone can become victim to the hackers and it could take less time to harm your financial status, which is impossible to recover. Smartphones secured with a strong password is important to protect the highly sensitive data, especially when your company has provided you with a smartphone.

Hackers infiltrate your phone through the applications or the links that are installed on your phone through an unsecured internet network. You can keep hackers away from your phones with secure steps.

Smartphone security

·        Put a security lock

Lock your smartphone when it’s not in use; make sure you set a strong password and keep changing it often to prevent the guess from another person. If you have trouble in remembering the password, lock the patterns in an alternative way. Some smartphones have facial recognition feature to secure your phone and when the device is turned on the camera detects your face. You can secure the phone with your voice that has the voice recognition feature.

·        Activate phone tracker

Purchase the phone that has more features that have the capability to track the device. If your smartphone is lost then you can use the tracker application to lock your phone remotely. This creates an obstacle for the hackers to access the phone’s data.

·        Update your device

Upgrade your phone’s firmware often and some phones have the auto-update feature. Make sure the auto-update you have enabled the button to update the application if you have not then you need to download and update manually every time. Download the latest version directly to your phone or alternatively, you can connect to the web page and install the firmware to your smartphone.

·        Install from the trusted source

Make sure the applications that you install on your phone are from the app store or from areliable trusted source. Before downloading the apps, go through the description and reviews. Make sure you download the official version because they are verified for safety measures. Check for the app permission if it requests to access your personal details then don’t make an attempt to install the app.

·        Don’t leave a trace

Make sure you don’t leave your phone in public and if you do make sure you always put a lock on your phone. Erase the text messages that you have received from the unknown source asking for your information and don’t click the links that are present in the message box. Hackers might send messages claiming that they are from banks or any other trusted sources. Make sure you don’t download the app that’s provided from the text message and it’s the common trick to hack your device and details.

·        Tap to the secured network

Make sure you’re connected to the internet networks that are secured, and Wi-Fi connections that are available nearby aren’t secured. Don’t use a public Wi-Fi network for bank transactions because hackers can easily pull out your financial details.

Here’s a tip to find out if your phone is hacked or not. If you notice any app that pops out automatically or battery drain than normal then check out the phone app store which is available on your phone.