Why you need to know about Showbox for iPhone

Showbox is not just any other video streaming apps out there. How it grew so popular is a mystery because first off this app isn’t even in the Apple Store, but you should know that there is a Showbox iPhone App that can be downloaded.

I know your next question; it’s not in the apple store so where can it possibly be? Well because of its main offering you can already get the why this isn’t in the Apple store nor even in the Google Play Store.

Free: All day, every day, for life! Free movies and free shows for life? This can only be possible if it’s not paying any royalty to the company that owns the copyright of these shows and movies. That’s the main reason why you’re paying Netflix for. This is also the reason why satellite radio is pricey, not because you’re paying to listen to EMINEM talk on the radio, it’s because of MRF (music royalty fee). And Showbox came and bypassed all that.

showbox for iphone

New additions: New shows and new movies to watch and download. Who could have thought that a free app has something like this up its sleeve? It’s always updated that makes people wanting to open the app more often. With updates as frequent as that you can always expect that they have a well-supported app that is worthy of your device.

Easy to use: The popular apps are the ones that aren’t that complicated something easy to the eyes and can be efficiently used and navigated right out the bat. Easy to use apps that has a great firmware and Showbox is either of those. Providing you a great looking app that is easy to navigate and use overall.

Jailbreak: When you hear about Apple devices you talk about jailbreak, jail break, and jailbreak. Because simply of access, access to apps that you can never get when your device is not jailbroken. The problem with jailbreaking especially if you’re not knowledgeable enough, aside from not properly utilizing the capacity of a jail broken phone it’s prone to dangerous things being downloaded and if your aim for jailbreaking your device is to get apps just like Showbox, you should be aware that Showbox doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device because it works flawlessly.

With an app that’s free, has a good updates from time to time, a great app that is easy to use and doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device. Sounds like a very good app to use already. If you haven’t tried this app already you should because you have nothing to lose. If you have trouble finding the Showbox iPhone  app, click the hyperlink to be directed to the download page.

By Steveh

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