4 Strange Things You Should Do in Fort Lauderdale

Do you want to spice up your take a break travel inc Fort Lauderdale? If you’re interested to do something unusual on your next beach vacation, then consider these four ideas. You’ll quickly realize the city has a lot to offer on top of its world-famous beaches.

Rest assured you’ll still have a lot of time to visit the beach. Nonetheless, you’ll certainly be pleasantly surprised to discover what else you do during your visit. Moreover, welcome the chance to do something unexpected in Fort Lauderdale.

Ride a Water Taxi to Miami

Take the chance to ride a water taxi while you’re visiting the Venice of America. It’s the only way to go around the city’s canals and waterways measuring more than 300 miles. Hence, the number of private boats and decks of residents. You can even take a three-hour trip to Miami. Who knows you could see a dolphin or two on your way there.

Take a break travel inc Fort Lauderdale

Go on a Safari Trip

Take your pick of activity if you’re looking for more adventure in Fort Lauderdale.  Your choices include a ride on an airboat for a safari trip through the Everglades. You’ll encounter local wildlife some of which are dangerous. Alternatively, you can take a swamp buggy ride for a night excursion.

Fort Lauderdale is home to the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum where you can get acquainted with the Native American Big Cypress Seminole Tribe. Learn about their arts and crafts as well as how they lived in the Everglades and swamps. You might even be able to go on a nature trail hike.

Get in Touch with Nature

You discover nature amidst the urban setting of Fort Lauderdale when you check out the Secret Woods Nature Center. Its 57 acres host the Butterfly Island and a reptile habitat. Imagine walking through various ecosystems filled with the city’s indigenous flora and fauna. If you’re looking for mermaids, remember to visit the Wreck Bar on Fridays. MeduSirena and her friends will be there waiting for you.

For the Brave Tourist

If you’re brave enough then head over to the Fort Lauderdale Ghost Walk. Take the highly rated two-hour tour of haunted locations in the downtown area. You can even take pictures. Who knows you might capture a ghost on cam.

Explore the other side of the city during your next take a break travel inc Fort Lauderdale. You won’t regret it. Plus, you’ll have more stories to tell when you get home.

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