Skellig Michael, the Star Wars’ Film Location Opened for Tourists

The star wars fame Irish mountains, Skellig Michael situated off the coasts of Kerry in Ireland has been opened for tourists, and star war fans have something to rejoice.

Ireland:Skellig Michael, one of the Monastic Settlements dating back to as early as 6th century was the most awaited tourist destination in Ireland. Some legendry accounts also say that this island dates back to the pagan times, somewhere around 1400 BC. The line of these mountain islands run from Ireland through the coasts of France, Greece, Italy, and ends on the Palestinian coast. This mass of islands are called St. Michael or Apollo axis.

Location Opened for TouristsDuring the penal times, this rocky mountainous island was a place of refuge for many Catholics, whose powers, beliefs, and rights were suppressed by various invasions. Even now, it’s considered as one of the sacred sites in Europe and it was actually closed all these years, owing to safety issues. Skellig Michael came into light once again, during the filming of star wars and the mountains were pictured in the most aesthetic  way that it led to many people badly needing to visit this place.

This mountain island was declared as a World Heritage site by the World heritage Committee (WHC)in the December of 1996 and classifies it as one of the sites that holds outstanding universal value. The star wars team decided to shoot a few major scenes for their movie in these island mountains and this catapulted Skellig Michael to be recognized worldwide. Thousands of visitors started visiting this tourist attraction, just to be at the spot where their star wars idols once stood.

“The Force Awakens,” the 7th episode of star wars series featured the studding landscapes of this large island Skellig Michael and ever since the place has been popular among the tourists of Ireland. Star Wars Episode VII became a great success and the team also filmed parts of their 8th installment in these mountain ranges.

The breathtaking Atlantic outpost, which served as Jedi’s hideaway in the star wars movie became so popular that fans started pouring into this island for getting their own share of star wars experience. The journey to these islands gives an awesome experience, where tourists can see a lot of wildlife and sea life on the way. The Skellig Michael mountains has a lot of visual treats, like the beehive huts, wildlife and birds, pagan constructions and markings, the monastery where the monks once lived, and even a lighthouse at its eastern end.

Visitors can take a ferry trip or hire their own boats and sail around the two Skellig mountain islands. Boat service to the island is also available and the visitors get to tread in the footsteps carved by the monks, visit their huts that are being currently occupied by wild birds, and even take pictures on their favorite star wars Atlantic outpost.

Mark Hamill, who played the role of Luke Skywalker in the star wars series was very much taken into the landscape that he quoted, “We could have just acted in front of some green screens and let out graphics team put in whatever they wanted for the landscape, but when we stepped foot in this island, it’s just incredibly beautiful and decided to have it in the film.” The film’s director, JJ Abrams was also impressed by these islands and he called them, “sort of a miracle.” The entire crew felt honored to have shot on this Skellig Michael Mountain.

Now that the location if open for tourists, the government has licensed 15 ferry operators and they can carry upto 12 passengers on each of their trips, every day. Tourists and star war fans can now visit this island and get to feel its amazing landscapes.

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