Travel tips to keep in mind when you travel to Texas: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio

Texas is the second largest state in the United States of America and is also referred to as the ‘Lone Star State’. It is also one of the best places for traveller as it blessed with natural beauty as well as has many places of cultural value. If you want to visit Texas, then choose the best cities in the state which should be Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.


Here are some travel tips in each of the Texas cities:

Dallas: You can visit the city at any time of the year but during Fall, you can get to participate in the Texas State Fair and see some great live shows. The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is the main airport and you can rent cars to travel across Dallas. There is also the DART Orange Line Train which is also a comfortable way to travel. It is also the best way to avoid rush hour traffic and reach your destinations faster.  As with any other major city, Dallas is also home to pickpockets and bag snatchers. So take care of your belongings all the time. While walking on main roads and busy streets during night is safe, never venture into narrow alleys. For public transport booking, you should either visit the DART ticket office or the tourist information office.

Houston: The summer months from June to August can be extremely severe but winters are mild. Rainfall occurs throughout the year. Spring and Fall are the best periods to visit Houston. It is a friendly city and you can move around casually. Tipping is expected and it is 15 to 20 percent in restaurants and 15 to cab drivers and hairdressers and food delivery people.  The city is pretty safe but avoid areas such as North Houston and East Houston especially during night.  Buy a Houston City Pass which can get you entry to the best attractions of the city.

San Antonio: This is one of the major cities of Texas and overall, it is a tourist friendly city but there are certain areas that are best to avoid. These places have a high crime rate and they include the Westwood Village, the Thompson Community, The Palm Heights, the Southeast side and the Government Hill. Fall to Spring, that is, from November to April are the best months of visit San Antonio. It can be explored by renting a car, by foot or via public transportation. Visit the Tourist Information Center at 317 Alamo Plaza for any help.

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