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Migrating to the United States from countries like Spain, Germany, France, and so much more where the language of your documents is not in English means that you need to have it translated. This is very important since you will be leaving in a place where everything is in English so your files and documents should be in English too. if you are having difficulty looking for someone to translate them for you, don’t worry because there are several companies that can help you with this problem. There are a lot of them but you don’t know if they can be trusted or not.

certified translations

One of the most trusted companies is called ImmiTranslate. They do certified translations and they are the best bet when it comes to handling important documents because they make sure that your privacy is being valued. They have a lot to offer you. your bases are all covered by them and you’ll be a citizen of the United States in no time! they only do high-quality work so there’s no need to doubt them when they make sure that everything is in place. Best of all, their customer service is extraordinary and you don’t need to worry about any problems at all.

Fast and excellent service!

ImmiTranslate is recognized by a lot of clients around the world as the fastest language translation service. So if you need a document to be translated by tomorrow, they can deliver it to you right away! even if they do everything at a fast pace, their works are surely accurate so you don’t have to think if they have made any mistakes.

Real human translators for accuracy

They don’t just pull out a book to translate your documents word by word. ImmiTranslate consists of hundreds of native speakers around the world to provide consistency and to really translate your files accurately. This way, you can be sure that each document you have received was translated perfectly by a real native speaker such as yourself.

Caring for the environment

The world today revolves around technology so there’s no need to waste paper. ImmiTranslate is 100% Eco-friendly which means that everything is being sent to you through email so that no paper is used. But they provide copies if they are asked to. They still see to it that their customers are satisfied with the service so they deliver what is asked of them.

Accepted around the world

Don’t worry if you think that the documents can’t be used outside of the US. That is because their documents are certified and approved to be used by most federal and state agencies and courts all over the world. your immigration documents are also 100% United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) certified. With only $25 per page with a minimum of 250 words, it’s more than a bargain!

If you are having some problems with your documents, then ImmiTranslate can really be of service to you. they provide top-notch service and they are being commended by a lot of experts all over the world!

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